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My Dog Has Fleas - Freebo - Dog People (CD)

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  1. Tejin says:
    Fido has fleas. And you’d better check Fluffy the Cat, too. More than 2, different species of fleas exist throughout the world, yet one is the most common among American dogs and cats. It’s called Ctenocephalides felis, or the cat flea. That’s right. If your dog has fleas, they’re most likely cat fleas.
  2. Mum says:
    Dec 13,  · Take your dog out of the house then treat the carpet and furniture with a spray to kill the adult fleas and their eggs. It is important that your dog not be present at this time not only because the chemicals could be dangerous but also because he could re-infest the house with any fleas .
  3. Mezuru says:
    How to Check Your Dog for Fleas: Make it a habit to check your dog’s comb or brush during regular grooming sessions. If you suspect a problem, there are several ways to check your dog for fleas. Visual check: Adult fleas are small and brown and are relatively easy to see with the naked eye. Have your dog lie on her side and check thinly.
  4. Mikabar says:
    There are many possible causes for a dog to itch, many of which will cause a dog to itch so much that they damage their skin and may be open to a secondary infection which will cause more itching. If you suspect that he has fleas, to be on the safe side bathe him and after he .
  5. Taugar says:
    May 14,  · The Symptoms of Fleas on Dogs. The most common symptom of fleas on your pets is itching. But itching alone doesn’t mean your dog has fleas — it’s also one of the most common symptoms in many other conditions such as allergies. If you think your dog has fleas check for the following symptoms.
  6. Shajar says:
    Apr 25,  · Fleas can live on the blood of mammals and birds. There are many different species of flea, and though some of them can live on the blood of more than one species, many are species specific. Even though there is a flea that specializes in humans, you are susceptible to more than one species.
  7. Bralar says:
    Fleas love humid areas on an animal’s body, so make sure to check around your dog’s neck, belly, paws, and ears. You can also place a white paper towel under your dog and give her fur a good rub.
  8. Nezahn says:
    Fleas can be found almost anywhere, which makes it difficult to avoid them. Routinely treating your dog with an effective flea preventive can help protect them from fleas before an infestation has the chance to begin. Choose a product that kills fleas through contact, so fleas do not have to bite your dog before the treatment takes effect.
  9. Dicage says:
    Jan 23,  · Fleas will typically congregate on the back half of your dog or cat’s body, inside the back legs, at the base of the tail or on the belly and groin — wherever is warm and protected. Part your pet’s hair with a flea comb or your fingers to look for these high-jumping pests, and the .

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