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Stare Me Out

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  1. Nikotilar says:
    (There are exceptions, such as when you stare into the eyes of a lover, but a stare typically indicates—and is perceived as—aggression, toughness, or creepiness.).
  2. Arajora says:
    Lyrics to "Stare Me Out" by CROWDED HOUSE: There's a lizard crawling from a hole in the ground / He could see us coming every which way around / And his eyes were bugging / All the kissing and hugging and the tears coming down / You can stare me out / He said to me / .
  3. Votilar says:
    Stare definition, to gaze fixedly and intently, especially with the eyes wide open. See more.
  4. Bakazahn says:
    ‘For several minutes his eyes stare right through me, as if he were out upon the ocean.’ ‘His eyes stare dully from a pinched little face etched with pain and suffering.’ ‘She turned to face the front and looked right into a pair of brown eyes staring back at her.’.
  5. Jubar says:
    Song information for Stare Me Out - Crowded House on AllMusic.
  6. Zolotilar says:
    Stare out definition is - to look directly into a person's eyes without fear until he or she becomes uncomfortable and looks away —often used figuratively. How to use stare out in a sentence.
  7. Akijind says:
    Why do guys stare at me at the gym? You are less social and more serious at the gym. The exercises can be heavy, but there is nothing wrong with saying hi to your neighbour as you walk in or walk.
  8. Akirn says:
    You can stare me out He said to me You're smiling upon this earth I told him to do anything you want Well, life is yours to own There's a praying mantis on the piano now He's looking straight at me like he's digging the sound Now he's moving his head and all the lights going red I'm sure I've seen him before.

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